11 August 2013


Hello. I still live. The student life is a busy one (to use the closest excuse to hand). More than that I have come to see a kind of contrariness in a blog of this nature: It claims to be about engagement with the world, yet necessitates long sessions in front of a screen. Inconsistency, although a sometimes amusing fault, is no good for living.

I have considered making an end of this endeavor. Its previous attempts to get off the ground have ended nose-down in a metaphorical dune. But I have decided to make another attempt, because I'm a writer and that's what writers do; we write or we perish. Verbiage will out.

No promises as to what will go up here or when. But if anyone is still listening, please know you have my thanks for your patience and I'll try to come up with something of value to say to you soon.

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